Why Kerala?

Turmeric is widely known for its use in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine. Known for its anti-diabetic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it is now widely accepted throughout the western world as an alternative natural source to prescription drugs and medicines , especially for anti inflammatory relief.

In itself, turmeric delivers very little benefit. One would have to consume kilos of turmeric per day to receive any benefits from its active ingredient curcumin. Curcumin is the active ingredient, the powerhouse in turmeric that delivers the benefits turmeric is often associated with.

The power of our unique turmeric extract is in the quality and amount of the active ingredient curcumin. Each serve contains 18,000mg of turmeric root.

Kerala Turmeric Plantations
Kerala Turmeric Plantations
Hand picked turmeric root from Kerala
Hand picked turmeric root from Kerala

Kerala Quality Turmeric

The internet is ladened with all types of turmeric and curcumin formulations claiming a plethora of remedies. The main consideration for consumers is to investigate the quality and source of the turmeric used in the manufacture and production of the product under consideration. Most of the turmeric used in Australian formulations is grown in China. The curcumin is synthetically modified making it cheap and cost effective.

The efficacy of Indian turmeric and curcumin was rigorously evaluated in a peer reviewed paper published in the International Journal of Pharma and Chemical Research * (*V2/1) in 2016. Turmeric samples were collected from India’s 9 leading turmeric growing regions, ie Kerala (KT), Maharashtra (MU), Karnataka (KAH), Manipur (MA), Tamil Nadu (TA), Uttar Pradesh (UP), Kolkata (KOL), Andhra Pradesh (AN) and Orisha (OT). Results were unanimous.

Experts and practitioners worldwide agree that the highest quality turmeric is grown in India.

Timing Is Everything

The best possible ingredients harvested at the best possible times

The turmeric used by Kerala Turmeric Plantations is exclusively grown and harvested in the Kerala district of India and every bush is harvested by hand at 270 days (9 months). This ensures maximum curcumin content delivering higher efficacy.

Commitment To Excellence

Turmeric grown in the Kerala region delivered far and beyond the highest amount of curcumin per bush. Factors such as seasonal variation in soil, geographical variation, climate, method of cultivation and rainfall drastically affected the curcumin content between regions. Hence turmeric cultivated from the Kerala foothills commands a premium price globally.

Results proved that the quality and content of curcumin per bush was also dependant on harvest time. Turmeric growth includes various sprouting stages. In the context of mother and finger rhizomes, the maximum curcumin content per bushwas found to be reached at 9 months of age. Turmeric picked after that time was found to decline rapidly in curcumin content. However, from a commercial perspective Indian plantation owners generally harvest turmeric at 14-18 months of age, maximising weight per bush for greater financial return.

Kerala Plantations
Kerala Plantations
Independently analysed in Australia by two independent NATA certified laboratories
Independently analysed in Australia by two independent NATA certified laboratories

Kerala Quality Guarantee

Unlike most other manufacturers of turmeric or curcumin supplements each batch is independently analysed in Australia by two independent NATA certified laboratories prior to final blending. This ensures full efficacy and purity has been maintained throughout the process, from hand picking the turmeric in Kerala to final production in Australia.

Made in Australia from imported ingredients.

In 2018 the TGA listed curcumin as a medicinal ingredient.

TGA Listing

In line with updated scientific data the Therapeutics Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) has now listed curcumin as a medicinal ingredient.

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